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17/01/2013 - Wakfu News: Ankama Takes Over North American Publishing
Hey, North American fans of Wakfu,  will you be glad to hear that the game will be switching publishers in the West, which has been announced in a press release earlier today. According to the press, Square Enix will be handing full respons.....
14/05/2012 - Wakfu : Exclusive Mount Zinit Chapter 2 Preview
During an exclusive play session with the Ankama team behind Wakfu, we had the chance to chat up Jérôme "Azael" Echalar, Lead Game Designer, Julien "The Turtle" Derveeuw, Lead Developer,  and David Talmat, Marketing Manager.
18/03/2012 - Wakfu : Our Official Wakfu F2P Review
Wakfu was recently unleashed upon the world by Square Enix and Ankama Games. We've been spending some quality time in Wakfu's free zones to prepare for our official F2P review. Read on and then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments. Ed No.....
14/03/2012 - Wakfu : GDC 2012 Preview
During the Game Developer's Conference, we managed to catch up to the Square Enix - Ankama Games team in charge of developing the recently-released Wakfu. We've got an on the spot report all about Wakfu that you won't want to miss. Check it out!.....
01/03/2012 - Wakfu : Officially Launches in NA
Square Enix and Ankama Games have announced that Wakfu has officially launched in North America. Wakfu is free to play but also offers a $6 per month subscription that gives full access to all premium content in the game. Premium members have t.....

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