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02/11/2011 - The Media create the site
Research firm Media Create released on April 10 the Japanese online game user survey. The investigation is played online game players, the survey is February 23 to March 9, and the Media Create the site Another Me for Gamers and online games inf.....
19/10/2011 - Fantasy world
Of course, to play the games play easy and simple! Play "Forsaken" allows you too easily over a summer! Like many summer blockbuster like Kelan Meng, will bring you what kind of surprise? Come see a small mythical summer Raiders make you prejudi.....
29/09/2011 - Review the matter to the network
Square Enix and explain that they did not notice this earlier incident because the investigation against them is not helpful, it will be released at this juncture this matter, but Square Enix is also the official press release on the matter to a.....
12/09/2011 - Physical attack players
All "FF" the long-awaited professional players, "Summoner" finally took place in "FFXI" setting Summoner Pacific gods be with "summon" the conclusion of the contract to call animal Mage of heresy, and the need for high-grade Players can transfer.....
29/07/2011 - All monsters also have certain weaknesses
There are many new Notorious Monsters (NMs) in this vast new area that are spawned using a variety of methods. Some are timed spawns with no place holders, while others require a trigger item dropped off common monsters in the area. There are al.....

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