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05/08/2013 - The Dark Rules of the Auction House Has Been The Secret W...
The beginning of the year, the dark rules of the auction house has been modified, may be a lot of people do not The Secret World Gold understand this. A player made ​​a dark film mechanism explain the recognition and support of the Blizzard comm.....
05/06/2013 - The Secret World : Latest Game Directors Letter Spotlight...
Funcom's Joel Bylos has published the latest Game Director's Letter on The Secret World's site. In it, he reveals that Issue 7 will be making its debut in a few weeks and drops some interesting hints about Issue 8 and an attack on Agartha itself.....
30/01/2013 - The Secret World : Get Your Music In Game
Funcom has announced a new contest for The Secret World's aspiring composers. Players are invited to create and submit a piece of music either as a soloist or as part of a group. If chosen, the music will be incorporated into The Secret World.Th.....

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