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Knight Noah News

21/05/2012 - Fusion and Pharmacy in Knight
You can use your major parts to create Crystals or Med/Energy Packs. Your Pharmacy level determines how many Med/Energy packs, you can make per turn while your Fusion level determines how many Crystals you can fuse per turn. If you do not want .....
07/05/2012 - Invasion in Knight
  In Knight, it is the most important part to contribution is that it helps your town gain new units. The amount of contribution points gathered in the Crusades determines what your town will get. There seems to be a way, by talking to th.....
22/04/2012 - The basic of Knight
Attacking. How do you attack in Knight? You can either select a monster with your left click by click on it or pressing "Z", this will select the closest monster to you. Once selected, the enemy or monster's health bar will appear at the top of .....
09/04/2012 - Guide to make ED better in Knight
We think it happend to everyone in Knight, you get out of ED after 5 mins cause mages blink to deva en kill it right away. And we have no clue who those mages are except the pt and they not gonna report those mages for that since they where in t.....
31/03/2012 - Assassins in Knight Online
You can use your skill-w-r combo, and concentrate on keeping your HP and mana both high, you are going to be in for a long fight against a closely geared assassin. Most sins can combo to a good standard, so you must use your healing skills to pu.....

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