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Mabinogi : Romeo & Juliet Content On Its Way!

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The team over at Mabinogi have moved on from the Bard's greatest tragedy in Hamlet to bring forth their newest Shakespearean content update with the Star-Crossed Lovers' Tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. You too can now relive the classic story of love between Montague and Capulet with the latest update. Check it out.
Romeo & Juliet is the second in a series of Shakespearean content updates coming to Mabinogi this year, all for free. Hot on the heels of the well-received Hamlet content update and Mabinogi’s third anniversary in North America, the Romeo & Juliet content update promises even more Early Modern English themed fare for players to explore. Here is a sampling of what players will have to look forward to in the April 27th content update:
· Join your friends on your very own Homestead Farm
· Joust your way to victory with the new Lance Weapon
· Participate in the Masquerade Ball
· Blaze into battle on the Fire Horse

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