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Iron ores are easy to get, and sell for a good price of 100gps each

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Most newbies would consider collecting feathers to make Silkroad gold. Feathers aren’t hard to get. They are dropped by chickens and sold for a price of around 5-10gps each, depending on the player. Chickens can only be found in chicken pens.

The only other area is in Hemenster (members’ world only) next to the Ranging Guild. Some of the free world places where chicken pens are located are north of Lumbridge, south of Falador, or beside the Champions’ Guild (requires access to guild).

Collecting feathers is just one of the many money-making strategies for a newbie, but a player can easily make 5k-10k per hour obtaining the feathers from chickens. Plus, they’ll be able to increase their combat skills at the same time.

If you have started mining, then you should start mining iron ore as your beginning money-making strategy. Iron ores are easy to get, and sell for a good price of 100gps each. Iron rocks can be found in many different areas.

Some of the best (considered best because of the short distance from a bank) locations for mining iron is in the Dwarven Mine, south of Falador nearby the west trail, east of East Ardougne, or in North Al-Kharid. With this method, getting 15-25k is easily guaranteed.

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