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Dofus FAQ For Players

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Q: How does Prospection (the drop system) work in Dofus?

A: After a won battle, every character will get EXP/Spoils regardless of whether you lived or died. Every monster has a set drop table. You get spoils from every monster killed. It doesn't matter who kills the mob last--all that matters is that the mob died. What you get is based on a random roll. With higher prospection, you not only get better drops but you get a higher quantity of them. So, Enutrofs can not only get better drops, they get more of them.

Q: What happens when you die?

A: When you die, you lose Energy. Normally, when you die you respawn at the exit of the tutorial place. Once your Energy gets low enough, though, you have to find a NPC/Special Spring who will regenerate you. Not much is known at this point 'cuz we don't die too often. If you die in battle but your team wins, you don't lose any Energy.

Q: How to start a battle, and how to do party?

A: To start a battle, find a mob wandering around the map and left click it. To join a battle, left click on the sword marking where a started battle is. When you're close enough, click the sword and click Join. When the battle begins, you have only 40 seconds for all persons join. You also only have 40 seconds to kick those unwanted from your battle. So, partying is kind of like filtering or kicking all those you don't want in your battle out. Use the /kick name command to remove an unwanted person.

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