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Atlantica Introduction for Swordsman

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In Atlantica, the swordsman can hit any front line target that is not flying. Despite the official description, the swordsman seems to produce high damage attacks.

Flame Sword is a magic attack that deals damage and reduces the target's vitality. The result should be an enemy that cannot regain its original full hit points for the duration of the spell. Flame Sword lasts one turn and requires two turns before it can be used again, so it is impossible to keep an enemy's vitality debuffed with just one swordsman.

Other spells the swordsman can learn include Guard Dispel, Deadly Strike, Dark Seed, and Break Down. Guard Dispel removes the Holy Guard buff from the first row of the enemy squad. Deadly Strike allows a swordsman near death to trade a super powerful attack in this round for his turn the next round. Dark Seed causes damage over time and can combine with Hex of Darkness to create the Hell Flame combo attack. Break Down damages all enemies with an earthquake. If cast on an enemy effected by Chaos Wind, Break Down triggers the Destructive Wind combo attack.

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