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About Mabinogi Dungeons

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To enter a mabinogi dungeon, you simply drop any item on the platform at the entrance.

The paths and rooms in the mabinogi dungeon changes everytime when you drop a different mabinogi item at the entrance. Your map displays the paths and rooms of the dungeon located north of the newbie town near the Guard NPC (Trefor) once you enter it, whereas the rooms in the second dungeon which is in the direction of the Shepherd boy will only be revealed after you've explored them.

There is only one level in the first dungeon (Albi?) and the boss in the last room is a big spider.

The last permanent quest (you get it automatically from the birds) requires you to talk to the Guard NPC (Trefor), go through this dungeon with a party (you can do it alone but not recommended if you do not have a decent weapon), defeat the boss, claim the treasures and return to Trefor.

There are three levels in the second dungeon (Kia?). The boss in the second dungeon is a giant stone golem.

There are 2 more dungeons near the second town, Dunbarton. The Koreans called them Mars and Rabi Dungeon. Mars is in the east while Rabi is in the west.

The boss (or rather bosses) in the Mars (or some called it Mas) Dungeon are 3 Hellhounds.

The boss in Rabi is a Succubus if and only if you solo it, otherwise Goblins and Golden Goblins will fill the last room.

The third town called Bangor has a mining dungeon. The Koreans called the mine Bari Dungeon. The bosses in Bari is a hord of Orcs with big hammers.

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