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Can you still talk about it from your Ragnarok online zeny heart?

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When someone asks what your happiness is, I think most people will talk about a lot Ragnarok online zeny, how about marriage? Can you still talk about it from your heart? I am tangle of looking for this answer many times, I listen to other people's experience, someone says marriage is grave, as long as you get married, it means that you are going into the grave. I believe that most men will think like this, because once they get married, they has the responsibility for their own family, they must take care of his wife, and when they have baby, they even have to take good care of their baby. They have big pressure. My husband often says to me that he has big pressure because we plan to buy our own house and car. So if he does not work hard, we can not achieve our dream. Before we achieve our dream, we do not have ability to have a baby, we are afraid we can not feed our baby very well. Although we do not have our own house, we also think we live happy, and we believe that we will have things that we are eager for it. On the contrary, if another couple has their own house and car, or they even have much saving, can we say they are happy? Maybe only they understand they are happy or not!



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