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Metin2 Yang: The job of a Monk in a party is to deal consistent damage to the enemy

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FFXI Dark Knight Race Issue: All races would get some Metin2 Yang fun out of this class, except for Tarutaru, all boast an HP of 30 or over and good stats overall for the job. However, Galka still look the strongest in any melee class. They would deal some heavy blows but their magical abilities won't help them too much. So perhaps and all round class would fare better.

The job of a FFXI Monk in a party is to deal consistent damage to the enemy. Seemingly simple, but the trick is to stay just below the 'hate' the Tank is soaking up. Otherwise, your Mage/healer would be kept really busy tending to your wounds.

Some would call the idea insane, but Monks can actually turn out to be good at Tanking as well. The trick is to know just how to do it, lots of expensive stuff involved in the equipment, and it’s not a job for the faint of heart either.

Though tanking for a FFXI Monk is just something that can be done if there is no specialist tank available, don't make it a profession!

Part-time FFXI Monks: As always there is a diverse choice available for sub jobs. However, with a Monk's ability you can really pummel the enemy; the most tempting option is to add to its destructiveness!

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