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It was time to have lunch and they fell a bit Cabal Alz hungry

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An Israelis man and an American man went on a journey by Cabal Alz boat together. They envied when they saw the luxury yachts went through in the sea slowly. The Israelis said to the American: "It will be fine if I can have such a luxury yachts someday." The American nodded. It was time to have lunch and they fell a bit hungry, they looked around and found there are a lot of people surrounding a fast food vehicle. The Israelis said to the American again: "Maybe we can do the fast food business as well." The American answered: "Well, it is good idea, but the coffee shop next to the fast food is also very good, you can have a look. Perhaps we should think it over." But they did not have the same opinion, so they were separate. After that, the Israelis immediately chose a good place and invested all his money to do fast food. He tried his best, and after eight years of careful management, he had several fast food chain stores. And he accumulated a lot of money, finally he bought a luxury yacht for himself to achieve his dream. Someday, he drove his yacht outside to play, and he found a ragged man who was the American with him eight years ago, he asked him surprised: "What are you doing within eight years?" "In the past eight years, I was always thinking what I should do… I still do not know what I should do now…"

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