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Picture Item Name Price Buy
Teleport Rock*6 1.27 USD Buy
4-hour 2x Drop Special Coupon 1.28 USD Buy
Hyper Teleport Rock 1 days 1.35 USD Buy
1-hour 2x EXP Special Coupon 1.62 USD Buy
Miracle Circulator 1.71 USD Buy
Poo Stars 2.12 USD Buy
Pirate Bomb 2.12 USD Buy
Mr.Puff Throwing Star 2.12 USD Buy
Paper Plane 2.12 USD Buy
Water Balloon 2.12 USD Buy
Throwing Teddy 2.12 USD Buy
Chalkboard Eraser 2.12 USD Buy
Energy Ball 2.12 USD Buy
Plate Throwing Star 2.12 USD Buy
Throwing Boomers 2.12 USD Buy
Deviball 2.12 USD Buy
Dragon Disc 2.12 USD Buy
VIP Teleport Rock*6 2.12 USD Buy
Throwing Eggs Weapon 2.12 USD Buy
Shooting Star Medal 2.15 USD Buy
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